Meow Wolf Santa Fe. A GREAT DAY TRIP!

A beautiful three hour drive from Pagosa Springs, Santa Fe is like another world when compared to our little mountain town. Well, it’s a special place even in the Southwest. Art galleries and shops surround the plaza, which was cool and shaded in the dry heat of summer. We had breakfast at Plaza Cafe Downtown, located right on the plaza, a great location with the prices to match. Nevertheless the food and service were great.

After breakfast we headed over to Meow Wolf.

Weird Name huh?

Don’t let it put you off, the experience is as unique as the name and it was well worth a six hour round trip drive. Even with torrential downpours on the way home.

Here is the link to the website.

It’s billed as an immersive art experience. It is that. It’s a wonderland of creative thought provoking color visuals that must be experienced to be understood. There is an underlying storyline that is quirky and adds to the experience. Keely and I both thoroughly enjoyed our two hours there.

Secret passageways,

It’s a wonderland of creative thought provoking color visuals and sounds. Buy tickets and schedule your arrival time. Be aware that there is limited parking, I would recommend arriving as early as possible to try to snare a spot in the parking lot. We parked on the street and walked a block or so.

I’ll let the photos and video speak for themselves.


  1. Looks amazing! Glad you girls had a fun day together! I think I read that they’re opening one of these in Denver.


    • We have had a wonderful week Michele and this was certainly one of the highlights. Yes they are doing one in Denver and Las Vegas too I believe.


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