Skocjan Caves

There are no breakfast facilities at our hotel/cottage so the very friendly and helpful young man made a reservation for us at the Garden Hotel which is just down the road. It’s actually a glamping spot and nothing short of incredible.

We had a wonderful buffet breakfast with lots of coffee. The table had grass on it. Yes grass. Watched a mallard duck fly in and land on the pond or swimming pool ( not sure which it is) just outside the window. The beauty is amazing. It is pristine, not even a stray dead leaf to be seen.

Since it is a rainy and rather dreary day, we decided to go inside. So we will drive an hour to the Skocjan Caves.

The immune system of caves are a UNESCO world heritage site and are supposedly a page right out of Jules Burns a GEN journey to the center of the earth.

The remarkable cave system was carved out by the Reka River, which enters a gorge below the village of Skocjan and eventually flows into the Dead Lake, a sump at the end of the cave where it disappears. Is surfaces again at the Timavo River at Duino in Italy 34 km northwest before entering into the Gulf of Trieste.

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