Vince and Ann a lazy local day

After doing long day trips for the first two days of their visit, we decided to give us all a break from the car. We visited our favorite breakfast restaurant in Pagosa so that Vince and Ann could sample southwest breakfast specialty…breakfast enchilada. It was a thumbs up.

Breakfast Enchiladas at Colorado Cafe

Then a stop at my favorite consignment store.

And the mandatory tour of the most important store in Pagosa, Ace Hardware. This is the go to place for furniture, clothing, shoes, gifts. It is really unbelievable.

We sent Steve and Vince to Pagosa Baking Company to sit outside and people watch while Ann and I checked out the shops on the “strip”.

Then home for reading and naps.

Dinner outside in the deck was rib eye steaks with carmelized onions with a herb butter. Also on the menu was one of my favorite side dishes, very few can guess what it is. Sliced radishes tossed in olive oil (combination of Habenero Citrus Olive Oil from Creede, regular olive oil to cut the heat, and an herb olive oil to add some flavor) then in the air fryer until crispy on the outside, about twenty minutes. Neither Vince nor Ann were able to correctly guess the dish.

We sat outside for hours talking and telling stories. We had blankets up to our chin enjoying the cool air in July.

Love my mountain home.

Steve ran out of steam so we headed to bed. He has done a lot of driving the last few days. Vince and Ann elected to stay out on the deck. It made me smile, they are enjoying the change of pace and scenery I think.

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