Vince and Ann

Our friends Vince and Ann arrived from Alabama today. Steve and Vince have been friends for most of their adult life , we have stayed with him numerous times during our trips to Alabama. Vince had never visited us, but his new bride has the travel bug. Ann has never flown on a plane, and has never been to Colorado, so this trip is their first big trip. Steve took a few days to visit his son and some friends in Alabama, and flew back with Vince and Ann, just to help walk them through the experience. I picked them up at the Durango Airport and got to hear about Ann’s experience flying for the first time. It was pretty much what she expected, and she was fascinated by the Denver Airport.

First plane trip for Ann

I wanted to keep it low key and give them a chance to adjust to the altitude (our house is at over 7,000 elevation and the lack of oxygen can take some getting used to) so we drove directly to the house. Well, we did stop for beer. Beer is important you know.

Coming from the south, the contrast in weather is huge. They left mid 90 temperatures and very high humidity, and arrived to low 80’s and 10% humidity. They put on jackets. In July. During the day. Incomprehensible to someone that has grown up in the south.

Being greeted by the family

We had a wonderful low key evening at the house. Tina and Gordon joined us as we ate outside. We started with a cool and spicy gazpacho, then pork carnitas with avocado crema, and finished with a lemon cheesecake whip with strawberries.

Afterwards we sat around the bonfire, told stories and jokes, and in general had a grand time.

There is something special about being the tour guide for someone’s first experience in this beautiful state we now call home. The adventures will continue.

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