Day 17 Predjama Castle but no horses. Sun in Lake Bled!

Still overcast and raining.

We thought that Lipica was the location of the Lipica stud farm home of the Lipizzaner stallions.

It’s not.

It’s actually south almost to Piran. So we decided to ditch the plan to see the stud farm this trip and go see the Predjama Castle close to the Postojna Cave. It was on my bucket list and because of the heavy rain a few days ago we did not go see it.

GPS alerted us to huge congestion on the motorway so we wound through the backroads for a couple of hours. I guess the detour saved time. In any event we enjoyed the countryside much more than being stopped on the motorway.

This is our last day in Slovenia and we didn’t want to overload on tourist stuff.

And it is still raining. Which makes the idea of parking and walking around not very appealing.

The proprietor at our hotel looks like our friend Richard Thorton from Little Rock.

Everyone we have met has been so wonderful and friendly. Even in the most remote gas stations there was enough English to point me to a bathroom. “Toilet” or “toiletten” is universal.

Every menu so far has had English descriptions of the food. Of course we haven’t been in restaurants in the more remote villages.

Steve and I are both very adaptable when it comes to traveling. We don’t get stuck on doing one particular thing at one particular time. That has led to some interesting drives which have been some of the highlights for us.

We prefer the road less traveled.

Driving down a winding road in a small village we saw a red Jeep Wrangler. First Wrangler of the trip! Doesn’t take much to get us excited!

Still counting pickup trucks. We are up to 9.

Word to the Wise: many bathrooms in Europe require payment. Half a euro is the norm. Always have coins with you. Most gas stations and restaurants do not require payment but occasionally they do. Virtually all public type toilets at shopping centers and tourist areas require payment. You put the coin into a machine and walk through a turnstile.

As in the states, some bathrooms at gas stations are outside and require a key.

Last night at the restaurant in Bled the bathroom was outside and under a balcony over the courtyard. I didn’t take my phone in, I wish I had. A sign on the stall door said “knock for free sex”.

Big traffic jam because it road work on out way to the the castle.

The castle was fabulous as you can see.

Predjama Castle

It was as impressive as the photos. We didn’t want to tour inside so we had a nice light lunch of asparagus wrapped in pancetta, a cheese plate and we each had a glass of the local red. Bread included it was 21 euro. Wine was the same price as a coke or mineral water.

We are tired. Happy but tired.

An hour and a half back to Bled we will have some downtime.

We took a stroll into town. The sun is peaking out and reflecting on the water.

Lake Bled

Back of Steve’s head. Enjoying a drink before dinner.

Stopped for a drink and to just soak in the beauty. I watched a young couple hold hands and order champagne. Smiled. So good to see love.

The young couple approached us and asked if we could do a photo. He had just proposed on the lake and they were celebrating.

Steve took the photo and as we talked with the youngsters I realized day after tomorrow is our 6th wedding anniversary. Not a bad way to celebrate our little “elder” love story.

We have had rain and clouds and sun on this trip. Some wrong turns that led to nice surprises. Some stress and frustrations but we have leaned on each other and worked as a team, discovering more about each other as we go along. And loving each other even more. Much like the last ten years we have been together.

Love stories are all around us.

One of the gorgeous houses on our walk back to the hotel in Lake Bled

Dinner…steak with peppercorn. Steve had pork again. Beautiful mile walk back to the hotel. Our last evening is this wonderful land called Slovenia. It has captured my heart like no other. We will be back.

Last night view from our room.

It doesn’t get any better than this.

May 30 2019


  1. Thanks for taking me along on your trip. Many of us will never have the opportunity to personally travel there. It was an awesome journey!])


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