Day 16 Vrsic Pass, Italy and Piran

There is a huge weather front which is impacting the weather in the Eastern Europe area. So more rain. Since we had already done a cave and were not interested in another castle or museum decided to take a drive. A long drive.

We did not see blue sky for the entire trip. It did not stop raining either.

After breakfast we drove to Triglavski National Park and navigated twists and turns and switchbacks on the road over Vrsic Pass. Even with the clouds and rain it was magical.

I thought I was going to develop whiplash with all of the stops that Steve made so that he could take pictures or look out at the tops of the mountains. He made the comment that he had never in his life seen anything like this, and the drive alone made the trip worth it. If you know Steve you know he is not prone to superlatives so that is high praise indeed. There was snow at the top of the pass, just a magical drive.

Through the mountains of northern Italy to the port city of Trieste, Italy. The terrain and the architecture changed as we made our way south down from the mountains.

This area has switched between Italy and the former Yugoslavia several times over the centuries.

We decided not to try to navigate into the port city, and to have lunch on the outskirts. This was our opportunity to have some fresh seafood.

I pulled up TripAdvisor on my phone and found a place that got good reviews for inexpensive fresh seafood. Before I could get the address into the navigation system we were past that town so I quickly found another and we used Google maps to get to it.

I wanted to find a casual authentic seafood restaurant on the coast.

We ended up at the yacht club.

White tablecloth’s, formal service. Not what I had planned. But it was too much effort to leave and find another place. So we sucked it up.

Steve had a fried seafood platter, I had one of grilled seafood. It was good, but frankly not really exceptional

We drove along the coastline through Trieste . The town center has a medieval town center and is supposed to be beautiful. Heavy traffic and heavy rain made us decide to drive in to Piran which is only 37km away.

We stopped for coffee and a stroll through Piran, Slovenia.

Jellyfish in the bay kept me from taking a swim.

Two hour drive back to Bled. Steak and a glass of the local Cabernet.

May 29 2019

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