Day 12 the Czech Countryside with a visit with friends

After a leisurely breakfast at the hotel, with several cups of coffee we walked to the car for a drive to the countryside.

Originally we were going to go to Kutna Hora but while we were making our plans Lawrence contacted us and asked if we would like to visit them at their country home. That was an offer that we couldn’t refuse. So we changed our plans and decided to drive north to the national forest.

An incredibly beautiful area. We had lunch at a small village Hrensko. Many parts of the film the chronicles of Narnia were filmed in this area. There is a famous stone bridge that we wanted to see but we ran out of time. Winding roads, lots of hikers, lots of bicycles, lots of motorcycle riders. It made for some interesting driving.

We arrived at the country home of Lawrence and Lyuba at 4 PM. It has rained early but by the time we arrived the sky was blue. It’s in a small village that still has loudspeakers from the communist era, they announced an upcoming festival while we were there. That’s not something you hear in America

The house is a very large stone house that they are renovating. As someone that loves old houses and has renovated quite a few myself, I found it fascinating. Next door neighbors had sheep and chickens. And lambs!

A tour and then outside to sit at a picnic table while Lawrence grilled. We met their daughters and had some wonderful conversation over our meal.

Teenagers and almost teenagers are the same here as in the States. School and video games take up most of their time. Very polite and delightful girls I think they enjoyed the videos of our Noodles.

Yet another perfect day. We so appreciate the hospitality of Lawrence and Lyuba which has given us a glimpse into how expats live in the Czech Republic.

May 25 2019

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