Day 14 From Prague to Lake Bled Slovenia

One of the things we figured out on this trip is that neither of us are big fans of big cities. We have seen quite a few castles and quite a few museums, and are a little burned out. By the way almost every hill or mountain or village has a castle. Lots more castles in Austria, I’m not sure I could push Steve into another one!

The original plan was to spend the rest of the week in Austria and then go back up to Munich for our flight out. Instead we decided to go to Slovenia. Why Slovenia?

I’ve been reading about some of the off the beaten track areas of Europe that are up and coming destinations. Slovenia is one of those. It is part of the European Union so there are no border stops and the currency is the Euro. It’s supposed be be incredibly gorgeous and relatively unspoiled.

We need a nature fix. So I booked a room in Lake Bled Slovenia. The drive will take us from Prague, through Austria and into Slovenia. About seven hours, less than half the time it takes us to drive from Pagosa Springs to Little Rock.

Surreal moment. We stopped at a gas station for lunch. While sitting at a table looking out at the Czech countryside “Bring me to Life” by the Little Rock band Evanescence started to play. My daughter Kat went to school with Amy Lee the lead singer.

Small world. Big world.

We drove the entire length of Austria, which is gorgeous, and arrived at our hotel in Lake Bled. We are so enthralled with the area and the room we are going to see if we can extend our stay and use this area as a base to explore the country.

A overcast day and light rain as we entered town. I’ll post better pictures when the weather clears.

Immaculate room. New. $53 a night. For real. And is only an hour and a half to the coast. That’s how long it takes to get to the Durango airport.

Best meal in years tonight. Mixed grill. Steve had chicken amd mushroom risotto with a red wine reduction. His eyes were rolling back into his head in ecstasy.

May 27, 2019

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