Day 11 Karlstejn Castle and Lidice

The summer castle of Charles IV is only a short drive south west of Prague. So we walked the mile to the garage where our car is parked and proceeded out of the city. You park in a large lot just outside of the little village, and then walk through the village up to the castle. It’s quite the walk.

It was once Charles IV Summer Palace and at one time held hold the crown jewels. There were not a lot of people so we were able to take one of the tours. The English-speaking guide had a quite heavy accent so we really had to concentrate to try to understand what he was trying to say. Interesting castle, but I think we agree we have seen enough castles for a while.

Another short day trip out of Prague is to the village of Lidice.

From Fodors:

This tiny village was ordered to be raised to the ground by Adolf Hitler as a listen to the checks and representation of what would happen to anyone who oppose his rule. The act was a retaliation for the assassination of the Nazi leader Heydrich by check patriot. The entire adult population was shot nearly 200 men about the same number of women were sent to the ravens Brooke concentration camp the children were either sent to Germany to be area Nised or Company the women to the death camp. By Juneteenth the entire village was completely wiped out.

The name soon became an example of the world to the world of what the Nazis were capable of. A group of English minors from Birmingham took at the cars informed C must live in initiative to build a new village of literacy the city is adjacent to the memorial which is an amazing and beautiful site.

It’s heartbreaking

One bright spot for me was the young man that I spent quite a bit a time in conversation with while he made our coffees at a roadside stand in the parking lot outside the memorial. With a big smile he told me that he was from Hungary and spoke five languages, and he wanted to know how was his English?.

It was a beautiful day as we stood and looked over the green grass rolling hills and blue sky. I tried to imagine the village that used to stay be there, and the screams and fear of the village people as their homes and lives were destroyed. Very emotional.

That was about it for us for that day, we had planned on going up to another Holocaust Memorial but neither of us felt capable.

So back to Prague.

Our apartment rental was complete this day, so we had booked a hotel room for three days.

Parking is a very big deal here in the city. So we extended the stay of our car at the garage for three days. We had checked the map and it was still a reasonable walk to the new hotel.

So after parking our car we strolled leisurely towards the hotel checking out the menus on the restaurants.

Since it was such beautiful weather we wanted to eat outside, so we found a place very close to the apartment where we took a seat on the street so that we could watch the passerby’s.

Our room is on the fourth floor but there is no elevator to the fourth floor. So we take the very small elevator to the third floor, and then trudge up the stairs to our room.

There is no air-conditioning. There’s a small tilted window in the roof which was open when we got here.

I don’t think will be spending a lot of time in the room during the day.

It was one of the better meals, I had flank steak with a green peppercorn sauce and a nice salad. Steve hadA mozzarella and prosciutto stuffed chicken breast on a bed of pesto mashed potatoes. He was very happy with it.

May 24 2019

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