Day10 Prague

What an incredible day.

Took the metro to the old town area to see Prague Castle. It is one of the top attractions in Prague with 1.6 million visitors a year. This is not even high season and it seems like at least half of that number was with us today.

Stunning. Just stunning.

Lunch and then to Kosta Boda where Lyuba works. Purchased a piece from the shop. Photos later. It is stunning and I am thrilled to have it.

Then to Charles Bridge, another of the famous and top attractions.

Finally the freaking rain stopped and I saw sun and blue sky. An absolute glorious day.

A three mile walk, all uphill and we were back to the apartment. I have no idea how much we have walked on this trip but it is a lot.

Dropped our stuff off and went to Le Boheme, one of the top coffee shops and just a few streets from us. Relaxed for a bit then to a festival a block from the apartment

I fell in love with a piece of art yesterday and we went back to get it today. Photos after we get back back to the states.

Lawrence told us about an Asian festival ONE BLOCK from our apartment. Videos give you an idea. I just can’t describe the atmosphere , smoke from the grills, music laughter and conversation all under a blue sky and perfect temperature.

We met up with Lawrence and one of his co workers, originally from Romania. Conversation and laughs. And beer.


Lunch was wonderful. Sliced ham with horseradish. Mixed grill

Dinner at the festival. Squid. Shrimp. I am in heaven.

Perfect ending to a perfect day.

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