Day 8 Rothenburg and Prague

We had breakfast at the hotel then strolled in the misty rain to The Rothenburg Museum.

Coffee to go from a cafe and we were back in the car for the drive to Prague.

We stepped into a shop for 9 euro umbrella for me. I also bought what I thought was a tube of body lotion. After slathering it all over my arm in the car I figured out it was actually body wash. Lesson learned if the sales person speaks English verify your purchase.

So a stop at a rest stop so I could wash my arm off and dry it with toilet paper and we were back on the road.

We booked a “Comodous apartment in the classy Vinohrady quarter”a couple of days ago. The host has been great. I asked about parking in one of the first emails (because parking is a REAL PAIN IN THE BUTT) and she gave us the lowdown on the situation. She suggested a specific garage and even made a reservation for us.

As I write this we have been parked on the autobahn for half an hour with no movement. Look like we will be late to Prague.

As a practical matter getting from parking to where we are staying can sometimes involve some walking. The garage is a 14 minute walk to the apartment according to my friend google maps. So I carry overnight essentials and a change of clothes in my backpack and just replenish from the suitcase as needed.

The Peugeot has a hatchback with a cover over the luggage so it cannot be seen from the outside. And there is nothing in the case except some clothes.

We were delayed about an hour

Apparently a very bad wreck ambulances were converging from all directions. We managed to detour and get on our way.

Our Airbnb host has been unbelievably great. Parking is a real problem here, amd expensive. She found a garage a 10 minute walk away from the apartment that is considerably cheaper than others in the area. We made it to the garage, they sent a man to help us find the correct area and to show us how to navigate back above ground. Super nice people.

The city of Prague from what I hand seen is breathtaking. Im already threatening to move here.

Our street

As we were walking to meet a friend for dinner we took some photos. A young man stopped and asked where we were from. He also was from the states but had been living in Prague for twenty years. After discussing the architecture and beauty of the city he told us he was on his way to a protest. They expected 20,000 people. He said it was a protest against a position much like trump. Crooked and despicable. As he put it “a mother f.#*&#$& just like trump”

America is not viewed favorably now. Trump is universally ridiculed and held in contempt.

We met our friend Lawrence for dinner. A fascinating guy who has lived all over the world, our politics are also very much in line. We had never met in real life, he also is a friend from the martial arts/self defense group.

Dinner at a burger bar.

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