Day 7 Rothenburg ob der Tauber

One of the most beautiful towns I have ever seen, and Steve agrees. I had been there before , twenty five or so years ago. When we decided to reroute our trip to visit Ettersdorf where my family came from, it made sense to schedule a stop at this fairytale town. was the app I used. As we were driving I found a great refurbished room in a 1600 building. Free parking which is a big deal. Parking has been a pain in the butt here by the way.

Also breakfast was included and I knew the standard German buffet would have meat and cheese. Parking and a meal and a room for 84 euro.

We drove a couple of hours from Ettersdorf looking at church steeples and villages perched on the side of hills.

Arriving in Rothenburg the check in was incredibly easy. The receptionist had wonderful English and the room keys were handed over quickly.

One of the things different here is how the do the room keys. They are blank cards which you “show” to the door and it opens. Then you place the key in a slot to turn on the lights.

I should have taken a picture of the bed. There are no top sheets here, you sleep on what we would call a bottom sheet and the duvet. A double bed is exactly that. Two twin sized mattresses side by side with separate duvets. The bed at Thomas and Rikes house had separate fabric designs for the duvet and pillows as well as different hard/soft mattress pads. I think it makes so much sense. So when I did my normal tossing and turning, tossing of covers off and on, Steve was snoozing away without being buffeted by my movements. I wonder if I can do something similar at home with our platform bed?

We spent a few hours walking around Rothenburg taking photos. Then back to the room, a shower and to the restaurant for dinner.


Only one meal for me today. We stopped at a McDonald’s in the morning while driving to Ettersdorf and got coffee from the barista. Yes a barista at the McDonald’s. Cappuccino or espresso? No problem.

Barista at McDonalds

Steve does really well with only two meals , but going all day without food makes his blood sugar drop and he gets a little grumpy. So we stoped at a coffee shop as soon as we could in Rothenburg for coffee and a pastry for him. Coffee for me too of course.

A rather limited menu at the hotel. Of course I’m really limited on what I can eat, but as long as I can do a steak and salad I’m good. They have been great about giving me a large salad in lieu of potatoes. The dressing was a mayonnaise mustard blend. I’m sure it had some non keto ingredients like a little sugar but that’s ok.

So rump steak with herb butter and salad was the one meal for the day.

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