Day 5 Uetze

We left Berlin and traveled about three hours to Uetze to see our friends Thomas and Rike. We first met Thomas several years ago through a group that we all belong to, he stayed with us at the Penrose house for a few days. A year or so later we got to meet his now wife Rike when they also stayed with us. Now married with a two year old boy and a three month old little girl, they kindly invited us to stay with them.

They live in a little village outside of Hannover. It’s beautiful and so very different than what we are used to.

Today included a walk in the woods with the family and Charlie, their rescue dog. Then a stop at a farmer that raises and sells organic meat and produce.

Sitting around the table in the kitchen catching up while I get to hold the baby. It doesn’t get much better than this.

The only drama of the day was the fact that Steve could not figure out how to get the cruise control on the rental Peugeot to work. I finally found the instructions in the manual but that didn’t help the situation at all because of course they were in German

We finally gave up and decided to just ask Thomas. It made me feel better when he couldn’t figure it out either.

EATING KETO…Thomas cooked a wonderful meal with fresh organic chicken quarters.

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