Day 6. The coast

We left the house around 6am for a drive to the coast. It was about a two and a half hour drive on the autobahn.

It’s interesting driving on the autobahn. There are sections with limits, usually 80 kilometers and even slower for two lane sections that get congested.

Other sections have no limit. Our Peugeot tootles along at 130 or 140 kilometers (speed) comfortably. We frequently get passed like we are standing still. Like “whoosh”

Those cars are probably traveling at speeds in excess of 120mph.

You drive in right lane, carefully pass while making sure you are not pulling out in front of one of the speed demons, then pull right back into the right lane. It’s very efficient and I sure wish the drivers in America would do the same. Over here if you park your slow butt in the left lane you will get flashing lights and honking horns. As it should be.

A wonderful leisurely day at Dorum-Neufeld at the North Sea. We drove through the village to the sea. Except it wasn’t there. Instead a, vast sea of mud. The tide was out.

We walked along the shoreline. Sweet Boy walked right out of his shoes,the mud was very sticky. The adults were very amused. He was not.

The mud was very sticky

We ate at the fish restaurant. I tried the smoked butterfish on Thomas’s recommendation. I can’t describe how wonderful it was. Also a peppered fish, we weren’t sure but thought it might be mackerel. Also good but the butterfish was sublime. Fresh caught of course.

The sun came out and so did many families on this beautiful Sunday. The park has a fabulous playground for the kids.

We decided to call it a day mid afternoon as we still had the drive back to make and Sweet Boy had run his little legs off.

At home we sat around the table and ate our cheese. Some of us drank whiskey. We discussed life, politics, family. The hopes and dreams we parents have for our children are all the same. The fears we have about the world are similar. The German economy is strong. Immigration is a challenge but they seem handle it well. My feeling is that there is more compassion from most of the citizens as well as the government than what I see in America. For sure more compassion than what we hear from Trump. Some schools have discontinued using their gymnasiums so the refugees could sleep there. Sports clubs discontinued because of it. Can you imagine the uproar if we did something like that?

What made me smile, and to be honest tear up a little, was the love I saw between Thomas and Rike as a couple, as well as the love and incredible patience they had with the children.

Thomas visited us in Colorado several years ago, and then came back with Rike who was his girlfriend at the time. To see how they have matured and how well they fit warmed my heart. They help each other, smile, kiss, hold hands. The love is solid and very obvious. These two young people work hard to be the very best parents they can be, I have no doubt that their children will be incredible adults.

The language and the culture may be different, but at the end of the day we all want to succeed and be happy. We want security for our children, a roof over their heads and the ability to feed and nurture them. It is good for the soul when you can see that happening right before your eyes.


The butterfish was lunch. For dinner we snacked on cheese. Whiskey!.

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