Travel Day. Day 1

The alarm went off at 3am. I levitated. Steve said I made noises. My retired lifestyle does not include alarms very often. I think I woke up every 30 minutes before that alarm finally went off!

Bulletproof coffee in hand we had the Jeep loaded and were driving off at 3:30 am

Standby flight to Durango went through without a hitch. We even got exit row seats.

We have a four hour layover in Denver then to Newark.

10:20 am

Our flight to Newark was delayed. Instead of leaving at 11 we were leaving at 12:10 which would get us in five minutes before the connecting flight to Berlin. We were resigned to a possible overnight stay at the airport in Newark.

As I was taking a walk around the terminal again (I do laps )I passed a gate that was announcing group 3 boarding to Newark.

Quick spin I literally ran back to where Steve was sitting. “Let’s see if we can get on it!”


Got a middle a middle and an aisle seat. Since the plane wasn’t full the flight attendant asked if the gentleman in our aisle seat would move one row over.

So now we have an empty seat and we are on our way to Newark.

5pm Newark

We raced through the terminal. They were already boarding and we got two of the last seats. Which meant that I got to sit in the middle seat of the middle row. For eight hours. Needless to say it was not a relaxing flight for me.


Bulletproof coffee as usual. I have salami and cheese packs in my backpack so I know I won’t starve over the next 24 hours.

Dinner in the flight was some kind of oriental chicken. Didn’t eat it. Or the rice. Or the bread. I did eat a little of the quinoa salad and one of my salami and geese packets.

Breakfast was yogurt and croissants. I passed.

Long day.


Check out the shoes…suede tennis shoes by Born. Unbelievably comfortable and I waterproofed them. Cute little zipper on the side.

May 13 2019

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