Day 3 Berlin

After sleeping 12 hours, we rolled out of bed around 11am. Drove to the Potsdam area and got on one of the hop on hop off busses. I think these are a great way to get a feel of a city. Audible headsets lets you choose your language.

It was a cloudy cool day. I only brought one long sleeved shirt. Had it on under my Columbia jacket. I was comfortable and thankfully it didn’t rain. 100 percent chance of rain tomorrow so we wanted to get the outdoor stuff done today.

Dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. I asked our waiter where he was from

“Colorado. I was born here in Berlin, but moved when I was eight”.

“Where in Colorado?”

“Colorado Springs”

We had to laugh as we explained that we had lived 27 miles from Colorado Springs until recently.

Small world for sure.

Brandenburg Gate. Check out the guy on the left. 😀

Steve didn’t want his picture taken with the almost naked guy.

Brandenburg Gate
This is a bank building. I just thought it was really cute.

Berlin Wall



Wednesday May 15 2019

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