After arriving at 7am we sat down for a bit, had a coffee and I went in the Bookings site to find a place to stay. Instead of a hotel, which were running several hundred dollars a night , I found a huge apartment for $75 per night. Total with cleaning and taxes was $245 euros for three nights. The owner emailed back when I asked if we could check in that morning, gave me the address and instructions for the lockbox for the key.

On to the Hertz counter. We had reserved a small car. We found out it was an additional $180 for me to be an additional driver. Nope. Take me off the driver lost.

Get this. $300 for GPS. Nope. We will use our phone.

So we got the price down to $350 or so for 21 days.

It was a little nerve racking getting to the apartment. Strange car, I’m holding the phone with the gps going, Steve had his going too and we certainly were not in Pagosa Springs anymore.

We walked to the grocery store a few blocks away from apartment. There is a small park on the way. Berlin has a lot of parks, 36% of the city is green.

Steve got a sandwich and I got some wonderful cheeses and prosciutto and olives. Coffee and butter for my bulletproof coffee in the morning. Lunch was a few pieces of cheese and prosciutto. To be honest I got to the point where I really wasn’t hungry. I lost track of how long I’ve been awake because of course I did not sleep at all on the plane.


A ate a few bites of cheese and prosciutto that we picked up from the grocery store around 2:30.

We took a 2 hour nap and then headed out for dinner. The Bird was a great choice. We sat at the bar, and since they specialized in steaks and burgers I knew I could find something. I had the blue cheese burger with salad. No bun. And a whiskey.

We made a new friend, he offered to share his fries with us at the bar. Andrey was from Russia. We had a great conversation about politics (we agreed in Putin and Trump) and a lot of laughter. A great way to end our day.

A view down our street

May 14 2019

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