Anticipation Europe 2019

It’s tough, isn’t it? The countdown before the trip. Mentally compiling a list of clothes, which shoes to take. Rain gear? Boots?

This trip will be unlike any other trip we have taken. We are flying standby to Berlin on May 13, 2019. We have no hotel reservations, nor have we booked a single Airbnb. We know that we will be staying with friends in Germany for four days. We have a car rented for three weeks that must be returned to Munich. Dinner is planned on the 22nd with friends in Prague. Other than those engagements, we have no itinerary.

We will decide as we go where we want to go, how long we want to stay. Maybe Slovenia, maybe Austria. Maybe just concentrate on Germany and Czech Republic. That is a lot of the excitement…the unknown.


  1. Ahhh . .certainly the true meaning of an adventure and a bit of excitement .. but better yet it is with your best friend. . . Be safe and enjoy you two.


    • You know all about adventure Laurie! I’m fortunate to get to travel with my best friend. You are so right. Thanks for the good wishes!


  2. Well you two never do anything by half do you…if we can help in any way, you know how to contact us. All our love and best wishes to you for your trip of a life time. Xx


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